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Great game... Very bizarre. Very interesting. Very morbid. Loved it. PS: "WE CAN SEE YOUR BUTT HOLE!" LOL


Great game to experience. Its short and sweet. Even if i knew what i was in for, you need to experience it.  The music makes it amazing, i could stop playing and just listen.


I'm not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best games I have ever played! I am in love

crazy game 

That... was freakin' awesome. 

Played the game 2 days ago and had a blast. It would be great if you guys continued this. Anyway, huge fan of the game, even though it's an extremely weird game.

I made a video of my journey through this weird world.

The trailer is great!

Just played, it was so creepy and cool


wHAt the fuck

cant play it, it keeps crashing please fix of help me please thanks!

hey sorry to hear you're having trouble, could you let me know what operating system you're running? James x

First time around I thought it crashed and killed it. Then I decided to just let it run, picked up my cell for a quick game and after a couple of minutes it started. Don't know why it did that, but it worked for me.

I actually have no words for this one....

Very amazing !!!!! wow !

Really enjoyed this one! Love this sort of odd world. 

El primer juego que termino en mi vida. Excitante e inquietante. Una mezcla de incertidumbre con sorpresas y deseos de más.


absolutely loved the game. strange, yet creative. gave me adventure time vibes!!

Really great game bro! I really enjoyed it, I love the art, the humour and the music. Would love to check out more!

This game was definitely something else 😂 but it was fun, good job!


"Butthole man butthole man" I really enjoyed this game


Really fantastic game. I love the art and animations, they are very well made. Only thing i would add is a button to pour bleach into your eyes. 


Fantastic (albeit disturbing) art, and creepy voice acting make for an experience that leaves me wanting to wash my hands after. Regardless, it was still a fun little puzzler if you have 15-20 minutes of time to spare. You likely won't find anything weirder than this. (It's a little NSFW as well). 


This was definitely the trippiest thing I've played this month, so that's an achievement.  And the existential terror was a nice bonus!  I definitely enjoyed it, and the hand drawn graphics look amazing.  Playthrough is here for the curious :)


It was so damn amazing, an incredible game. I loved it <3


The only words I can think to use about this game is uncomfortable but super funny 😂 the game looks great, the characters voices are so weird and creepy I love it 😂


played this game not and didnt expected it to turn out so weird  i loved it, its amazing great job!! 


Really really awesome game! Enjoyed the artstyle and weirdness of the game, kinda wished it was a longer game now that i think of it. Had some great laughs and also wondered at the same time about the story. Great job on the soundtrack too, really enjoyed it!

Great work!


So weird and so creepy cute ! Fun to play.  Good job :)


Simplemente una maravilla de juego, lo recomiendo a tod@s...


This game was  great and real weird it felt like I was having a fever dream but it was really well made and fun so 10/10 from me



Indie GOTY 2019 for me. Please make more!


This game sits in a unique lane of its own. It has the potential of gaining strong traction if expanded further. I hope to see it happen.

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realy wierd...but soo fucking funny so nice guys have a vivid imagination XD


This made me extremely uncomfortable.

Would play again. 10/10.


"butthole man! butthole man!"

very fun and hilarious experience. this was fantastic. please make more.

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Had alot of... fun? playing this game, weird as it is it was a great experience!


not to be rude but this game looks like i just took every drug on the planet


this game is very moist

10/10 moisture

There is just something about this, that I love

This was straight up the weirdest game I've ever played and I loved it! Here's my playthrough:

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