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This was a bizarre experience, and I enjoyed every second of it.

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Not to sound rude. But I swear this game made me unconfortable through out the whole game... I found it charming at first.. but I mostly got upset and disapointed that i wasted my time and learned nothing from this experience... im still bewildered on what i experienced lol. But i felt like you nailed it on what you were going for and portrayals you guys were going for lol

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The style of this game is so nice, it is so wacky and weird, and I love it. I made a video of this if anyone would like to check it out. (Second game at 3:21)

Very weird and creative


What a wonderful world! But i feel there could be so much more...

Super strange....... I like it.

wet outta ten would play again

I have to say this game is very strange but I loved it such a cool idea for a game you have crazy minds! please check out my play through below :)

I loved this game hahaha 


What happens when you kidnap Hieronymus Bosch, drop him in the Summer of Love, and give him a computer to tinker with.

Good game

im ngl this game makes me seriously want to become a game dev its so beautifully done and so unique


Fuah!!! I need to know how did you guys do for the animation and art! What  did you use and stuff O:<

This is great xD I seriously love the visuals


Hey Agua Thanks! Most of the animation work was done in photoshop frame-by-frame. Then brought into the engine as sprite sheets. Most background stuff like trees etc was animated in engine. (We used Unity for the engine). If you wanna know more you can email me at




This game is trippy as all hell and i still dont quite understand it but deffinately an interesting game. 

If you ever wanted to go a a surreal trip, then this game would be high on the list.  Great game, I have haven't played such a bizarre game in a while.  

Is this a ''cute"" version of "The Wild Boys" ? (If you saw the movie, y'know what i'm talking about !))

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This was a weird, fun, crazy, hilarious game to play. 

Mother of god! What a sweet psychedelic experience!
Loved everything about it. Great work to you all, hope to see more in the future!


This game was so weird but I really liked the music!!!

This game, albeit weird as hell, was fun to play and all around a delightful experience. Thank you for making this.

I have so MUCH mixed feelings XD

I love this but hate it in the same time ! it's also beautiful and horrifying ! Like what the hell :D

Great Job !

(this is my gameplay btw: :D)

Hilariously wierd ,creepy and contains nudity the game is one to be played just for the sheer odd experience!

well... that was.... yeah....

🎀 FEED IT TITS & BABY DICKS | The Good Time Garden Full Gameplay

A cute weird little game. I really enjoyed the art style and the sound track. Great job. 10/10 do recomend :))


I'm wet



An Innuendo in game form. Funny, wholesome and pretty. It's a world i would love to see expanded in some way 

this is so my sense of humor

I enjoyed this game so SO much. I'm the kind of player that looks for new and weird experiences in games. Well, this is one of those... Love the characters' design, the art direction and the sfx work. It was wonderful, keep making games!


Great visuals and audio. Love the art direction :)!


Great game... Very bizarre. Very interesting. Very morbid. Loved it. PS: "WE CAN SEE YOUR BUTT HOLE!" LOL


Great game to experience. Its short and sweet. Even if i knew what i was in for, you need to experience it.  The music makes it amazing, i could stop playing and just listen.


I'm not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best games I have ever played! I am in love

crazy game 

That... was freakin' awesome. 

Played the game 2 days ago and had a blast. It would be great if you guys continued this. Anyway, huge fan of the game, even though it's an extremely weird game.

I made a video of my journey through this weird world.

The trailer is great!

Just played, it was so creepy and cool

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