A downloadable Gamu for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"It's good to be wet!"

Explore a throbbing pink world full of strange naked creatures to gather food for your friend in this short, surreal experience. 

The Good Time Garden was created by James Carbutt and Will Todd, and features frame-by-frame, hand drawn animation and an original soundtrack.

The original soundtrack to The Good Time Garden comes free with donations over $3, or alternatively can be viewed on youtube. 

On windows: Download and extract the zip file, then run 'The Good Time Garden.exe'

On mac: Download and extract the zip file, then control+click 'The Good Time Garden' and then click 'open'


The Good Time Garden 1.1 (Win).zip 259 MB
The Good Time Garden 1.1 (Mac).zip 261 MB
The Good Time Garden 1.1 (Linux).zip 262 MB
TGTG Full Soundtrack 353 MB


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Greetings, ive played this game some years ago and though it IS weird, i have no qualms with it.

However i just recieved a Warning for sexual content/nudity from YT, regarding putting the game's link in the discription (unclear if that was the only reason or if the video itself had issues too)

my video is no longer on youtube, but i wanted to share this info with the devs and other content creators here.

I just got this too. I'm currently trying to appeal it. It's bizarre because youtube allows so many things but this was something sexual? Very disappointed at the moment.

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this game is really cool and unique not what i expected i had a lot of laughs lol


I don't know how long it is, but juding by how polished it looks, I'm surprised it's free honestly!


This game was interesting. lol But it was a lot of fun to play. 

good animation, art pure. but... what the hell happen there? hahahahah

It was like a weird trip on acid, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much for this game.

Also what a lovely soundtrack <3

How do i make the controller work? It doesn't detect controller input on mine

nvm i got it

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This game is a hidden gem. Thank you guys for the experience.

the soundtrack <3

Looking forward to play your next game!




You can see his butthole!


just why


This game slaps our sacks so hard!

This game is a goddamn delight.

I am entertained, disturbed and irritated all at the same time.

A great performance. Thank you for this gem.


Very good atmosphere and the music totally dislodges. Great game. Leave my little gameplay.


I absolutely love this game, the universe, the ass slapping...


Today I replayed this game for the third time. I absolutely love it, I need more! 


Este fue mi gameplay favorito en español (ame el juego, lo jugaría y vería varias veces)


As fantastic as it is delightfully filthy and weird. It's good to be wet!

thank you for this experience.

ps. we can see his butt-hole. 


Hi! Sorry to be a bother but can someone help me download this for chromebook? I'm new to downloading games like this and stuff and I got it so far but I'm stuck on what I'm supposed to write in terminal that launches the game. Sorry to bother but thanks!


chromebooks are hard to use. they aren't for games

amazingly great game!

Here is my video of it it is the second game!

I absolutely loved this game so much!! I adored the art style!! The music was amazing. It was bizarre and I loved it!!!! 


It was really well done. Smooth animation, strong controls and unique mechanics. I was entertained and yet weirded out. Thank you for the confusing emotion. Hope to see more like this.

This was a bizarre experience, and I enjoyed every second of it.

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Not to sound rude. But I swear this game made me unconfortable through out the whole game... I found it charming at first.. but I mostly got upset and disapointed that i wasted my time and learned nothing from this experience... im still bewildered on what i experienced lol. But i felt like you nailed it on what you were going for and portrayals you guys were going for lol

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The style of this game is so nice, it is so wacky and weird, and I love it. I made a video of this if anyone would like to check it out. (Second game at 3:21)

Very weird and creative


What a wonderful world! But i feel there could be so much more...

Super strange....... I like it.

wet outta ten would play again

I have to say this game is very strange but I loved it such a cool idea for a game you have crazy minds! please check out my play through below :) 


I loved this game hahaha 


What happens when you kidnap Hieronymus Bosch, drop him in the Summer of Love, and give him a computer to tinker with.

Good game
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