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Finally something serious ! 
Best game ever. 


Hey, this was an extremely weird yet enjoyable experience.
Visuals and audio are in perfect harmony, which creates a very strong atmosphere.

The ending is great, and this game is overall amazing.
I feel extremely dirty now, but I had a lot of fun, thanks!


fantastic indie game ..hope continue this game :D


Best Game evet made!


very interesting xD 


This is quite.... an interesting game lol. Keep up the amazing work.


So many slaps, moisture, and oval shaped objects!


I went into this not even looking at any screenshots or anything..So, I was a little surprised to say the least lmao.

Super polished presentation and animations. Great job overall team! Especially you Mr. Butt and Z. Cox 💋


Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Simply Amazing!

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So many butts...


We've uploaded a Linux version due to popular demand, but it's very untested so please don't pay for it before trying!

Can confirm it does work!

Thanks for including Linux!

Yeah, it does. But I got some minor troubles. At first I tought it won't even pass the "made with linux" screen, and got a weird white line on right side of the screen.
I would apreciate if there is a settings window before the game launches itself like a lot of games have :³


Do you mean "made with unity"?

It's possible your graphics packages are out of date or you were running at too high a resolution?

Yeah, "made with unity" xD

I guess that's not the problem. I run many other unity games here flawlessly -_o_-


I love this. one of the best games i have played on itch. sorry i cant buy the game (i don't have much money at the moment).

But i gotta say i love the sound the art and just everything about it, these kinda games, makes me wanna make more stuff. please make more :)

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